The new Health Centre was designed with extensive community involvement through a series of well-attended workshops. The new facility reflects the culture of the Blackfoot Community and accommodates the needs of the Elders and traditional healers in addition to the acute and community health services team.

The new health facility has evolved out of the climate conditions and cultural history of the Peigan First Nation. The plan form is based on the medicine wheel, with the cardinal points of the compass open to the central circular form. The four wings (containing the various functions of the facility) radiate from the central core in a pinwheel form. The central circle is taller than the wings, allowing the reception/waiting area to be higher and reflecting the importance of this orientation space. The ceiling has been treated and shaped to suggest a sweat lodge. The very centre of this space is highlighted with the inclusion of a roof light flooding the space with daylight. Treatment facilities are located in the southwest wing, with Community Healing to the northwest. Counselling, Mental Health, Elders’ Room, and Multi-purpose room are all located in the southeast.

The durable masonry-clad building is designed to withstand the high winds which this region is well known for. During construction, local trades people and labourers were involved, ensuring maximum economic benefits to the community.